all day Saturday watercolour workshop, July 16th

watercolour workshop

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watercolour of Piccadilly gardens.

One of my paintings.

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First exercise of the day, doing this subject several times so you can witness how your style will improve by doing time limited paintings.

Also one of my paintings.


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An example of how to work loosely and spontaneously, by artist John Palmer.


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One of my watercolour paintings, Sunset, Liverpool. By myself.


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Another wonderful example of a very spontaneous and instinctive approach to watercolour, by artist John Yardley.

All day Saturday watercolour workshop at Lydiate parish hall. L31 4EQ. Times 10am to 3.30pm. Fee £35

Above. An example of my loosely applied watercolour, avoiding unnecessary detail. Resulting in more creative paintings.

This watercolour workshop is for people wanting to improve their watercolour technique, also suitable for those with limited experience. The day will start with a simple subject, teapot and cup, so you can get used to applying watercolour. Probably doing same subject several times, but time limited to no more than a few minutes, to ensure you don’t paint tight. Doing these exercises you will discover a big difference in your work.

 The biggest problem inexperienced watercolourist face in mastering application of watercolour is they over paint and mix too many colours together. You can do this in other mediums, such as acrylics and oils, not watercolour! I teach you to use simple brush strokes, move on. Yes, do a little tweaking. I teach you to work in a spontaneous and instinctive way, rather than copying! Which results in lifeless photographic copies. Most beginners tell me they want to paint like ‘the impressionist’. Which is the style I teach.

This class is held in my regular weekly venue, Lydiate parish hall, 288 Southport rd, L31 4EQ. The class is a very friendly and relaxed. No pressure on you to produce lovely paintings. Quite the opposite. The exercises are designed to teach you how to take a more relaxed approach to watercolour, painting in a more impressionistic style, to improve your technique.

Remember, all great artists were constantly experimenting, practicing and perfecting their art!

Places are limited. To book a place, or to find out more, please contact me.

If you come to the class and enjoy it, then you can try one of my weekly Tuesday evenings zoom watercolour classes. 7pm to 9. Fee £10 per session.