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example of members' paintings


for beginners and those more advanced. Cost: £25 per one Saturday a month: Held at the Millennium centre, Lydiate L31 4HL

oil painting art classes on merseyside, southport, formbyI also run an all day one Saturday per month art class for those who cannot attend during the week. The next enrolement for the beginners art classes is coming up soon, so please contact me. An ideal opportunity to learn drawing and painting, starting with the basics. The venue is within easy reach of Liverpool, Formby, Southport and Ormskirk. It will cover exactly the same course plan as the weekly class, but each Saturday will be the equvalent to three evening classes. Hours, 10am till 4.00.(If weather permits, eventually we can work out doors, at the Hayloft, just a short distance away).

If you require further information, or to book, E-mail me:

The Hayloft offers ample opportunites to work from peacocks, ducks, local church, woods and nearby the ruins of St. Catherine's Abby. Usually you need only basic drawing materials, sketch pad and pencils. The idea is to draw, sketch information, take that back to the studio and work up a painting.

oil painting art classesThough everyone, unless they come with previous experience, starts with the basics, how to draw correctly, you will be encouraged to develop your own artistic style by experimenting, as members are doing on the left, working bigger scale and engaged in trying working in a more expressive style, rather than just representational.

If you require further information, or to book, E-mail me:

This is a big advantage of being part of a dynamic art group, learning from the basics through to more advanced ways of thinking and applying art. You will be opened up to experiment, trying new media, including paint, pen and ink, watercolour, collage and much more.

watercolour class for beginners, merseyside

                                   left, One of the many peacocks at the Hayloft

Working out of doors allows you to work in the landscape, sketching and painting. You will find this an enjoyable day, especially if the weather is bright. Obviously, you will need to bring along appropriate clothing depending on the weather. The Hayloft, a popular centre offering a cafe, farm shop, but also a variety of wildlife, plenty of peacocks and ducks, with the ruined hall located in the wood.

If you want further information on this class, please contact me.

If you require further information, or to book, click to E-mail me:

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example of members' paintings

Art classes are an ideal way of learning how to paint and draw. The art courses that I run, including life drawing, are intended not just to teach you the subjects, but to fully involve you in the artistic world. Remember, you are under no pressure and you get from it whatever you want to take away. I often find that people on my art courses like to have access to other interesting art related events, like visiting galleries and viewing exhibitions. Also, they like to see their own work up on a wall in an art gallery, or in an exhibition. I help run an artistsí cooperative gallery in Southport, and this allows us the opportunity to show membersí work in a professional setting.