collage art!

Working with collage is one of the most exciting and creative ways to work, as it has no limitations. You can include almost anything to collage work, not merely paint. I recommend keeping it simple for the first couple, then introducing more mediums, items as you gain confidence. You will learn this as you progress with collage art. You can incorporate items you find all around you. Just as an extreme example, Jackson Pollock, the American abstract expressionist artists, after dripping paint over his canvas, would at the end of the day take whatever he had in his pockets and toss them on to the oil painting, allowing them to stick!

To get a flavour of what is possible, click here for examples of what artists can achieve.

Start with a sketch...

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You don't necessarily have to have an elaborate plan to begin with (that can come later). Be prepared to let the painting evolve. Work out the general plan first, before committing yourself to a painting.

What materials do you need?

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You can use a wide variety of tools, mediums and many more things to collage work - Keep things simple for the first attempts, build up your skill and confidence.


Need inspiration?

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This example is by artist, Mike Bernard, from the book: Collage, Colour and Texture in Painting, by Mike Bernard and Robin Capon.









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This is my first attempt at collage work!

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Stage 1. Start off with a basic plan. In this instance, a vase of flowers. But be prepared to let the painting evolve as you progress...
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Stage 4. I next cut out yellow card, placing in the foreground...
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Stage 7. ...You have to take chances and be prepared to make mistakes, then have courage to adjust them! Don't be afraid to be radical in changing any part of the painting!












more inspirational paintings>








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Stage 2. Cut out from newspapers, magazines, or any other medium. Place it around the image until happy before gluing. In this instance I wasn't happy with the flower heads, so didn't use them.
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Stage 5. ...With thinned down paint, ink, brushed it over parts of the image...
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Stage 8. I now painted in the flower heads, using both brush and palette knife.Also applied paint to the vase itself to give more shape.
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Stage 3. Happy with the design, I glued the newsprint in place...
Stage 6. ...Using instinct, spontaneity, I continued working away, adding another colour...
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Finished painting. A few more details, adjustments made...