inspirational collage work

Most of these examples are from the book, titled: Collage, Colour and Texture in Painting, by Mike Bernard and Robin Capon. Others my members of our group, Sefton Art Group .


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Keep your first attempt simple, to build up your skills and confidence



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As you build confidence, try a more complicated piece...



collage painting done by a member of the sefton art group, based on merseyside, uk
This collage was done by one of our members, Steve Broadhurst.











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Again, another uncomplicated example. Use of pen, twig and ink...
collage painting by one of the sefton art group's members, hightown class, art for beginners, merseyside
This well designed collage was done by one of our members.
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This example is by artist Mike Bernard. Note how complex this composition is. Careful pre-planning is essential.
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A more complicated piece. Yes, would need to plan this kind of composition carefully. But the colour scheme is exciting and worth considering - keep your colours to bare minimum!










An example of a more considered finished collage work.
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Another collage masterpiece by artist Mike Bernard.
collage art work by artist roy munday, art tutor at Liverpool, Southport, Merseyside
One of my own collage pieces. Starting off with a basic plan, which I later modified, I leafed through papers and magazines until something caught my attention, then added it.