my trip to Russia, 2019

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Being married to a Russian wife, means I try to return to Russia as often as time allows. After an absence of nine years, I finally made a painting trip back this year, August 2019.

trip to russia

iley repin, moscow, visiting artist, roy munday, teacher of art, art classes, merseyside2
While in Moscow, I was lucky to be there at the same time as an exhibition of Iley Repin's work. He was painting in the 1900's and is seen as one of Russia's greatest artists. No known much here in the west.
picasso painting of 3 women at the pushin museum, moscow. artist roy munday standing in front. aart teach from merseyside, art classes for beginners, painting, drawing, liverpool, soutghport.
This painting was part of Sergier Shchukin's expansive art collection. He was one of the richest men in Russia prior to the 1917 revolution. He had the foresight to collect works by emerging artists, such as Picasso, Gaugin, Van Gogh, Matisse, and many more.
sse's painting, the dancers. art classes on merseyside for beginners
Myself in front of Henri Mattisse's painting, the dancers. Another iconic painting of its time. This painting was commissioned by Shchukin.