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In this example, a very free and spontaneous approach was taken to complete this painting.

Some classes are also on online, via zoom.


contact me if interested







Tuesday evenings, online watercolour class, via zoom. 7pm to 9. Fee £10 per Tuesday, or buy the recording. 

Wednesday at Lydiate L31 4EQ, 10am till 12.00. Fee is £110 for ten  consecutive weeks. (ongoing through the year).
For absolute beginners and the more advanced. 


Thursday, Southport, the Atkinson art centre, Lord Street PR8 1DB. Two classes daytime, general art course for beginners and the more advanced.
Fee £110 for ten consecutive weeks, ongoing through the year.
Afternoon class 1.0 till 3. 

Thursday evening at Lydiate, L31 4HF near Maghull. 7.30 till 9.30. Fee £110 for ten consecutive weeks. (ongoing through the year). For absolute beginners and the more advanced.

Friday at Lydiate L31 4EQ, same course. Two classes, morning and afternoon. Morning 10am – 12. and afternoon 1pm – 3pm.
Fee £110 for ten consecutive weeks. (On going through the year). Class is for absolute beginners and the more advanced.

Cannot make the weekly class, then consider the all day Saturday general art class at Lydiate L31 4EQ, second Saturday of the month.
This is for people who cannot make a class through the week and is the same course. Fee £30 per Saturday.
For absolute beginners and the more advanced. Next enrolment, contact me.

All day Saturday life drawing & painting class at Lydiate L31 4EQ. First Saturday of each month. Times 10am to 3pm. Fee £30 per Saturday.

All day Sunday watercolour workshop at Lydiate L31 4EQ. 2nd Sunday of each month. Times 10am to 3pm. Fee £30 per Sunday.


Tuesday evenings. Watercolours. Times 7pm to 9pm.  Fee £10 per class. If you cannot make the class, then you can buy the recording and use it at your convenience. Fee £10 per recording.




What will you learn in the first few months.

COURSE PLAN drawing & painting in both watercolours, pen & ink and acrylics for both beginners and those more advanced.
Also, the same course but done all day one Saturday per month, at Lydiate L31 4EQ
The classes are then ongoing through the year, except August, enrolling every 10 weeks, so that you can keep learning.

You are welcome to visit any class you’re interested in, talk to members and find out more before deciding if you’d like to join. Contact me if you would like to visit.

Classes held at Liverpool, Maghull, Lydiate, Hightown, Formby and Southport (scroll down for venues & prices.

A waiting list is now available for you to join so you can be kept up to date with when the beginners class will begin. Feel free to contact me and arrange a visit to any class to meet members and see what they have learned before making a decision. Often a visit to the class will dispel your anxieties about taking up art!
The aim over the first ten weeks (or one Saturday per month for three months at Lydiate) is for you to use paint in a confident way, to understand the basic principles that will allow you to progress on your own initiative.

This will be achieved in a friendly and relaxed class so that you will learn best by a hands on approach and at your own pace, with me giving a demonstration of what you are asked to do, then allowing you to experiment with the medium under my guidance.


I teach the thumb and pencil method for measuring any subject. This is the best method to ensure correct proportions in your work, especially figurative work (life drawing). Below is a brief idea of how you apply the method.

thumb-and-pencil method explained, beginners drawing and painting class, classes, near me, liverpool, southort, merseyside, lancashire
Illustration 1. The thumb-and-pencil method, briefly explained. As illustrated, hand about 3 feet (90cm) from the bottle, one eye closed. Hold hand in same position, and put the pencil in the horizontal position, then divide up (its width into its height) as illustrated in illustration 2






art classes, near me, how to draw correctly, accurately, liverpool, merseyside, preston, lancashire, southport, beginners art, class,
Illustration 2.
You must keep the pencil straight. Then divide the width into the height. Yes, it divides up 3 & 3/4. Now you know this, you can draw your bottle any size.












You can watch this 6 minute video to see me using the thumb-and-pencil method


On week one, you will be introduced to the basic drawing skills.

This is essential if you want to draw and paint well.

 You will be taught how to measure a subject to achieve the correct proportions.

Often, even people who may have been painting for a number of years, have not been taught basic drawing techniques, for example: how to measure and achieve correct proportions. The course will also deal with simple perspective. A good painting cannot sit on a badly drawn composition. Once you are happy with the basics, you will then move on to painting techniques, working from a still-life, set up in the class room. This will allow you to learn at your own pace in order to gain confidence in the acrylic medium and to experiment on personal technique. Initially, you will work in one colour, to gain knowledge of tone, before moving on to more colours. On the following weeks you will be able to work from your own favourite subject under my guidance. You can enroll for further weeks and keep learning; also take part in our regular exhibitions to allow you to display your work and sell.

The cost of the ten week course is £110 (please see below). The courses will then be ongoing through the year, with a month’s break in August.


· Introduction to materials needed

· Introduction to the medium of drawing & painting

· How to draw accurately and in proportion – a must if you want to paint well

· Compositional skills, including how to transfer a photograph to paper or canvas by use of the grid system · Use of simple perspective and how to measure and achieve accurate proportions

· Introduction of techniques on how to apply paint and how to mix colours

· Exercises on tone, using one colour, then advancing on to more colours

· To produce by the end of the first few months a body of work that will demonstrate your progress




life drawing classes, beginners, near me, liverpool, preston, lancashire, merseyside, southport, sefton, ormskirk
Life drawing classes are the best way to learn how to draw accurately, as it forces you to carefully observe the figure to obtain accurate proportions.

I do an all day life drawing class, first Saturday of the month, at Lydiate L31 4EQ,
cost is £30 for the day. For more information, please get back to me.

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