weekly art classes, Liverpool, Southport, Merseyside

Weekly & Saturday art classes

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One of our members, working in the class room.

New beginners class starting on the weekly classes from September 2023. Contact me for more details.

If interested in any class, contact me as soon as possible, as places for beginners are very limited.

The weekly art classes are held throughout the Sefton area, including Liverpool. Each class - including the monthly all day Saturday class - do the same course content, starting with the very basics. We have members who have been coming for as long as 12 years. I'm often asked by new members how long will it take them to learn to paint! I strongly suggest that you give yourself at least six months to learn the basics if you join my classes. Like learning any new skill, you need time. Often, new members have been to other art classes, but have only skimmed through the various mediums: watercolour for a week; acrylics for another week, charcoal another week and so on. But you need several weeks, even months, to learn painting well.

often relate it to when we learn to drive a car. Yes, the first lesson was difficult. The second lesson was easier and eventually you pass your driving test and driving becomes enjoyable and gives you so much freedom and you get into a car and just drive without any effort. Art is the same.

If you cannot make a weekly class, then you could come to the monthly all day class at Lydiate L31 4EQ. 10am till 3.30pm, fee £30 per Saturday. You will do the equivalent to three weekly classes in one day. If you cannot make it to any of the above venues, I do a Tuesday evening online zoom watercolour class, 7pm  to 9pm.

contact me to find out more on any of the above. Contact me

Find out more about the Saturday art class...

Beyond the basics

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Once you move beyond the basics, then you can explore more creative ways of doing art.

Once you have learned the basics, then you are able to work more independently. In other words, you can choose your subject matter, medium to use and so on. You may take on a particular project that interests you. Might be to do four paintings, depicting the changing seasons of the year.

You will be taught how to think, draw and paint in a creative way. Otherwise, without being shown other ways of doing art, you will simply copy from a photograph, or someone else's painting. Yes, we do a bit of that when learning the basics, but the aim is for you to be able to express your interpretation of the world around you. You will also be introduced to various ways of doing art, including watercolour, pen & ink, acrylics and mixed media.

Also encouraged to work on larger scale.

Each class enrolls for 10 consecutive weeks; then you can enroll for further blocks of 10 weeks and we go through most of the year, with a break through August.


Why not aspire to do a fine art degree at university?

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Varsha, graduating at Hope University, after 3 years of fine art study. Varsha joined our art group as a beginner, then got accepted on to a degree fine art course.

 Varsha is the second of our members who came as a beginner, then went on to study fine art at Hope University, Liverpool.