Art workshops

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A watercolour, Saul Junction, Gloucestershire by Roy Munday, who leads the workshops.








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Watercolour of two Royal Navy warships under construction at Cammell Lairds ship yard, Birkenhead. By Roy Munday.
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Watercolour. The Old Coffee House, Frampton on Severn, Gloucestershire. By Roy Munday




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As a community based art group, if ever we are approached to be able to help local communities, we will always try and help. Recently we did a one day workshop at Trinity St. Peters school, Formby, merseyside



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Once you move beyond the basics, then you can explore more creative ways of doing art.



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This creative piece is based on a humble teapot! It relies on repeating lines, instinct and courage to experiment!




Watercolour workshops, for 2024

This watercolour workshops are designed for those with limited watercolour experience, also those who want to improve their painting technique. Especially if wanting to paint in a more loose and spontaneous style. Fee £30. If interested, contact me to go on the waiting list so that you can be kept updated.

These workshops are held once monthly, second Sunday of the month, 10am till 3.15pm, are designed for beginners to watercolours, those with limited experience wanting to improve and those wanting to improve technique. You will learn from the basics. How to draw up the subject then how to apply watercolour.  Yes, watercolour painting is one of the most difficult mediums to master, but with the right tuition you can master it in a relatively short time. There are two main techniques with watercolour; wet-onto-wet and wet-on-to-dry. The main mistake that beginners make is they over brush, which can quickly lead to a muddy mess! My mantra is always: 'one or two strokes of the brush and move on'. Yes, you can tweak things later.


School workshops

Ten of our members visited Trinity St. Peters, school, Formby, where the children were doing an Art Week. Classes ranged from nursery and reception to year 6. The theme for the Art Week was 'Liverpool', so we based the art on that. The workshop included introducing the children to drawing, adding colour, then using pen & ink, using sticks, which they found exciting. In the afternoon they were introduced to using collage. This allowed them to be very inventive and creative.

Creative drawing and painting workshops

These two day classes, 10am till 3.30pm, are designed for people who want to take a more creative approach to drawing and painting. Suited to both absolute beginners to art and those more advanced who are seeking to move their art forward. As this is a very much a creative process, beginners take to it because they are more open minded and so everything is new and exciting. On this workshop, you start with the drawing process, usually on big paper (lining paper), as this allows you to swing your arm over the drawing. The first execises comprise of taping two pencils together. Working at arms length. Drawing without looking at the paper! Using two hands simultaneously rather than just one, and more.


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illustration shows how, using the thumb and pencil method and using the head as your unit of measurement, you would measure the human figure.


Life drawing, the key to drawing well

A monthly life drawing class. Held first Saturday of each month at Lydiate L31 4EQ. Fee is £30 per Saturday. Times 10am to 3.15pm.

Ssuitable for absolute beginners and those seeking to improve their artistic skills.