watercolours for beginners

Learn how to use watercolour!

Over three consecutive Sundays, 10am till 4.30, dates yet to be announced, but autumn 2021.

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Online, via zoom


Fee £120

Though an exciting medium to use, it is probably the most difficult, especially for complete beginners. Reason for this is mainly due to over brushing, adding yet more colour on top of another colour. Important to remember that watercolour is a transparent medium - you can over paint areas, but you need to understand how watercolour works!

Course structure

On day one, you will be shown how to apply watercolour, using just one colour, on a very simple subject. This allows you to concentrate on the watercolour techniques without having to worry about colour. One of the main problems when people take up painting, regardless of the medium, is that they will try and produce a photograph version when painting. Even though people often say to me that they'd like to paint like the Impressionists! This is where you need tuition, because the default position when beginners take up painting is they unconsciously think in terms of a photograph! The reason for this is that's the way we view the world around us - photographically! But artists can interpretate the world in many ways - from super realism (photographically) to complete abstract. Look up Jackson Pollock or Marc Rothko. By the way, both artists started out as very representational painters, then later began to explore more abstract ways of seeing the world.

Day two, you will be introduced to more colours, still concentrating on simple subject, landscapes. You will also be encouraged to work more quickly, preventing you from over painting and tweaking too much! A common mistake by beginners.

Day three, more practice! Practice and more practice is the key to learning watercolour. Much emphasis is put on two main approaches. Technique, how to apply the paint effectively with you in control. Also, experimenting by working quickly, within a limited time frame, say 20 minutes. This will stop you from over painting and tweaking.
By the end of the three days, it's intended that you will have built up enough skill and confidence to continue working on your own initiative. Or, you might want to continue your learning by joining another of my classes.

examples of my watercolours

wdatercolour class, beginners, southport, liverpool, merseyside. painting of saul junction, gloucestershire
The old dock, Saul Junction in Gloucestershire. Located on the Sharpness to Gloucester canal
y Roy Munday. Watercolour of Liverpool football club manager Jurgen Klopp.
By Roy Munday. Watercolour of Liverpool football club manager Jurgen Klopp.











painting by watercolour artist, roy munday, Scarisbrick hotel, Southport, Merseyside
By Roy Munday, The Scarisbrick hotel, Southport, Merseyside
watercolour painting by artist roy munday, teacher of watercolour classes, Liverpool, Southport, Merseyside, and preston, ormskirk, lancashire
Bicycles, Piccadilly gardens, Manchester. Note how loosely the paint has been applied in this watercolour! Often, a hint of something is sufficient for the viewer to make sense.